Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blog Numbers

Over to the right you'll see a couple of different counter type things. A little lower you'll also come across feedit which shows where some people are arriving from.

All interesting stuff that can be interpreted and displayed in a myriad of different ways.

Heres's something else I recently came across which I thought interesting.

I've had over 5100 people visit this site over the year and a bit I've been blogging. Most of those numbers are return visitors.

In fact I've only had a little over 1500 unique visitors - and that's fine. I'd be happy if I only had a dozen or so people who popped in on occasion to say hello. I write this blog as an exercise for me, as my writing presence on the web, and to try and help out any other writers who are just starting out. It is cathartic for me in many ways.

So where have all these unique visitors come from? I'm glad you asked. Just click on the image below to blow it up into something you can read without crossing your eyes.

The top three are kind of expected to be leading the way. The next three surprised me a little but then I don't know what I would have expected to take their place. Maybe New Zealand, Ireland and...and...I have no idea.

Once upon a time I mused about having more people from India or South Africa, or possibly South America pass by. Now I'm just happy people find me and some of them come back more than once.

Thank you one and all for taking the time.

Good luck with your writing.



  1. Glad I was able to contribute to your Indian numbers. 5000 visitors is pretty damn impressive.

  2. Thanks David - your contributions are appreciated where ever they come from ;c)