Monday, December 1, 2008


Yesterday, I was a bad boy. I did my normal Sunday chores and...nothing else. I watched "The Birds" again, some cricket, repeats of sport on FOX, and a few other very mundane things.

I didn't write a word. I didn't read a book. I didn't turn on the computer, which resulted in me not surfing the web or checking emails. As far as writing was concerned, I did nada!

And I didn't mind a bit.

This morning, I loaded everything I've done so far on Newland onto my thumb drive/usb key/flash drive/call it what you will. December has finally arrived and I intend on doing my own form of NaNoWriMo, but it will be over December and January. I'll be writing as I can, which should be most days.

I have two books to read and review, one of those with a short deadline. I'll commence reading that one tonight. I need to leave work early every dau this week to pickup my youngest from school so I'll be looking to write for an hour or two when we first get home, and then do some reading later in the evening.

I should finish the first book inside two or three days and then write up three reviews.

That should free up additional writing time.

My goal is to write not 50,000 words in a month: My goal is to write the remaining 80-90,000 or so words in the next two months.


I began writing this earlier at work and never got around to posting it - who'd have thought I'd actually have to do some work :c(

So at 7:30 PM - here's what I was musing earlier...

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