Tuesday, December 30, 2008

End of Year Update

New Year is approaching and I'm finding it harder to sit for long periods of time. The pain in my legs is getting hard to take so I tend to do my writing first and then blog as the last thing before I give my body a break.

Unfortunately that has meant no posts for the last few days - sorry about that.

Up to Christmas I managed to get Chapter 7 knocked off and reached my minimum goal of 2500 words leaving Newland at a touch over 15,000 words. Since Christmas I've only managed to write for fairly short periods of time resulting in the completion of Chapter 8 and I'm now two-thirds through Chapter 9. An extra 3267 words to this point. I should have added over 8,000 by the end of today so I'm a little behind schedule.

And now my little one is ill. Is it any wonder writers have difficulties in reaching word count goals...

So I'll write what I write and be happy the project is moving forward.

Time to finish Chapter 9 and hopefully manage to finish all of Chapter 10. That should see well over 20,000 words for Newland. If I can get Chapter 11 out tomorrow before party time, I should have just about reached 10,000 words in the five days I allowed myself.

Now I've just written over 200 words in this post alone so I'm wasting time. back to work I go...


  1. hope everyone gets to feeling better. Good luck getting your goals done. I know I need all the luck I can get.

  2. Hope the little one is doing better. And the legs...that's rough.

    All the best in 09.

  3. Thanks guys - the little one must have picked up a 24 hour thing and is now feeling much better.

    The legs are something new I need to get over. Back in 95 I blew a disc in my back. It took a while but I learned to live with it and get on with life, the legs are an extension of that (so to speak).

    I just need to write in spurts - there are plenty of people worse off than me.