Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Favour

Hi all,

I submit to paying markets. I start at the top and work my way down. I look after the market database at AHWA where I maintain a list of at least 100 markets. Currently only 10 or so of those are non-paying markets.

I haven't looked into many exposure markets so I'm not sure what's out there.

I know many of those who visit here have published pieces at 4theluv markets so instead of me spending hours surfing around trying to find them or investigate them, I thought I'd ask those who have already done the work - no point in reinventing the wheel, right?

So please, in the comments, list all the exposure only markets which accept dark fiction that you believe writers should know about.

Lets drag them all together. I'll produce a website based on that information we can all use when we're looking to submit our next piece, or submit a piece we haven't been able to find a paying home for.

What do you think?


  1. I will submit to a 4theluv market when I think it is a better fit to the piece that I have written. I use duotrope.com to find most of my markets. I really like Macabrecadaver.com as a good dark fiction freebie market. They do a fantastic job laying the stories out into a very readable product.

  2. I think the biggest factor in me choosing an exposure market would be the calibre of the other stories mine is going to sit alongside.

    So do you think Macabrecadaver publishes good stories (apart from your own)?

    The mag also needs to present them well both in look and correctness. I gained a proof back from one of mine a while ago where two words were spelt incorrectly. They were correct when I sent it out >:[

    On everyone's suggestions, I'm going to target the mags and read what they have on offer. I'll then create a webpage with all the required information needed for a quick guide and include links to each market guidelines page.

    Thanks for starting us off Jamie.