Friday, December 19, 2008

Time To Write...Almost

Today is my last day at work for 2008 - let the pigeons loose!!!

In two hours, I knock off for the last time this year. This afternoon I have some shopping to do, and a few errands to run - pretty much a boring mundane afternoon.

Tomorrow I play cricket. Sunday I have some big cleaning plans - particularly for my youngest daughters room - in preparation for Xmas.

For at least one day next week, I'm in town to do some shopping and to pay a visit to the museum and maybe the library if I have enough time. I'm hoping to spend at least one of the days before Xmas writing. My goal will be 2500 words. My dream will be 5000 words.

Once Xmas is out of the way, I need to get some serious writing done. For the week between Xmas and New Year I'm hoping to get 10-20,000 words on paper. A big number in a short time but possible. We'll see.

I still haven't decided on a market for Grimoire to be sent to yet. I've been reading - that takes time but is a very worthwhile exercise in pinning down the type of story they like and the level of the authors currently accepted. I will say this though, a large number of my pieces currently doing the rounds could be a match for "The Monsters Next Door". I've read through their current issue and my "normal" stuff could fit in there easily. But not Grimoire so the search continues...

Speak soon


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  1. Its always a good time to write and having goals is a great way to achieve it. I try to write every day (except this week leading up to Christmas, where editing seems to have reared its ugly head once more and I have some cooking duties).

    I'll start looking again in the new year for the right publisher for my Jack Firebrace series and the new series I am churning out as we speak (had it not been for the Christmas interruption.)

    Good luck in 2009

    Hi Lizzie, it's always nice to know where those terrific stories are going to go or at least that there is a chance to put them forward. Sadly I have nothing to fit the genre you speak of but it is a good sign for all of us that publishers are looking for new avenues and some will give the non agented among us a look in. Good luck.

    Bernard J Rossi
    Author & Poet