Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Moving Along

A quick post to prove i'm still around the traps...

Today is my lad's 16th birthday - happy birthday Corey! My wife complains when I get too personal on this blog, but also complained when I didn't wish her a happy birthday earlier in the year so I'll limit myself to wishing my family members a happy birthday when appropriate and not mention them (much) at other times.

Anyway - this blog is about writing so back to the main focus...

It seems I've prompted another entry from Alex. You can read it here. Sound advice as always.

I managed to spend some time at the museum yesterday and got some interesting stuff to tie into my manuscript. We also got some shopping done and I managed to pen nearly 500 words. I also rearranged my outline into an easier to use format. I still have my major cleaning project to complete.

I haven't had a chance to further my research into a market for Grimore so the piece is still floating.

Today I've managed a further 1500 words on Newland bringing my total to around 2000 pre-Christmas. Now I have some errands to get done. A productive day all-in-all.

I refuse to give the end of year posting just yet - so much can happen within a few days and I still intend to get a lot more writing done. Many others are already wrapping up for the holidays and I seem way behind in comparison, but I'm done comparing myself to other writers. I'm exceptionally happy others are finding success and wish them more of them same for 09.

I wish everyone else success as well, least of all me among them. May we all set new goals in the coming weeks and exceed each and every one of them - spectacularly.

Speak soon


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  1. happy Birthday to your boy, and a Merry Christmas to everyone in your brood.