Friday, December 12, 2008


I think it's highly amusing how topics go in circles, do the rounds so to speak. All of us writers out here in cyberspace are doing our utmost to provide clear, concise, and pertinent information for writers of all levels (while we continue to learn ourselves).


We read lots. We read each others blogs, we read resource books, novels, anthologies, online mags, reviews, and countless other things in an effort to further our own education and to give us something to write about to continue those who visit us.

Oh - and we write a lot. Practise may one day make close to perfect...

But back to what I was talking about.

Recently I've gone on about plotting. Particularly Alex Sokoloff's method of structuring a story which I've found particularly useful. In the comments sections you may have noticed others are busy plotting their own stories. Now I find J.A. Konrath is also talking about plotting here (it's a good article - go read...I'll wait.........)

It all boils down to the same advice I think. Stories have a formula. Stories have a structure. Learn to set your imagination and talent free within that structure. Follow the rules (at least to begin with).

I think Pantsers (those that write by the seat of their pants) must have some inbuilt knack of including the major plot points into a story structure automatically. I wish. I need to see it all plotted out before me so I can carefully place the bits and pieces I want in the story (aka a Plodder).

Whatever works for you is fine but make sure you know lots of the rules for writing a good story and then stick to that formula. Bend it as you improve and break it occasionally if you like, but learn the rules first - and become good at them.

Now if you're new to Musings and have no idea what I'm talking about, or really want to know what the rules are, then you need to do a couple of things. Firstly become a follower of this wonderful blog. Browse down the sidebar and you'll see others who have taken the oath and now follow blindly...err...who now openly claim their fellowship of the Aussie muse. Go ahead and join in.

Secondly, my child, you should go to the section of the side bar titled "The Global Writing Classroom" and you'll find lots of good stuff to help you with plotting - and everything else to do with writing.

(actually you should spend time browsing through all the information on the sidebar, there's lots of useful stuff contained therein)

Have fun and good luck with all your writing endeavours.


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