Sunday, December 7, 2008

Goal Reached

Just got an acceptance email from 52 Stitches for "Murky Depths". Apart from being over the moon about the acceptance, it also allows me to pass last years acceptance count.

In the first 12 months of writing "professionally", I secured publication at Fiction Factor (x2), and Antipodean SF (1), for a total of three published pieces.

This year I have gained an acceptance in Fear & Trembling, 52 Stitches and two acceptances in a British erotica anthology. Unfortunately none have yet reached publication. 52 Stitches and the British anthology isn't slated until next year - I don't know when F&T are planning to publish my piece.

3 acceptances/publications in 2006. 4 acceptances in 2007. No publication of my fiction this year, but then that is balanced by the amount of freelance stuff I've had published. 7 articles in SA50s+, 4 reviews in Black, and a dozen or so reviews, news, and comments articles on HorrorScope

There's still a few weeks of this year to come and I still have 8 pieces in the market place - two of which have been queried and the staff are still interested in - so more good news may yet be to come. But I'll stop from extending this post into a look back at 2007 just yet.

I've received my word counts for the next issue of Black so I need to finish the final book I'm reading and get the review written up this week.

Work continues on finding the last third of my book, as does the writing on the first two thirds I've already found. The ending may change some of what I'm doing now, but that's okay. I refuse to just sit and allow things to drag on.

Lastly, welcome to the latest cult member/follower: SES Wilson. Go and check out his blog where he posts a lot of his flash fiction. I see you've already added my link to your blog so I'm happy to return the favour.

Don't be shy folks, become a follower, link up and let me know - always happy to return the favour.

Time to go read a chapter or two.



  1. Yippee for 52 Stitches! welcome to the ToC. I need to write more flash fiction myself. It seems to sell better for me.

  2. Thanks Jamie.

    When I saw people such as yourself, Felicity, and others all gaining acceptances, I figured I'd better give it a shot. Glad I didn't wait, and I'm glad they liked the only piece I sent them.

    Seriously looking forward to reading everyone's work.

  3. Congrats! 52 Stitches is going to be an interesting little club, isn't it? Looking forward to seeing how it works out.

  4. Thanks Cat & Jonathon. I notice Jonathon, you and Felicity, and probably others, have had the max three acceptances in 52 Stitches. Is anyone aware of excatly how many writers actually made the ToC?

    Could turn out to be the class of
    '07 that everyone should watch out for. Maybe we should start our own webring ;c)