Friday, December 5, 2008

Shock Horror

I have just realised I didn't post at all yesterday - most unlike me.

I've been plotting and reading, and reading and researching. All very mundane and fairly boring stuff, kinda...

I've ripped Newland in half. I didn't like the way the second story line of the book was coming together so I pulled it. That left me with half a book which needed an extra 45,000 (or so) words and an ending to find. I needed to find layers to make the extra tale a lot more than just padding.

At the moment it looks like my story is going to be around 40 chapters in length, which equates to somewhere between 8-100,000 words. I'm gunning for 90-95k - if I can find an ending.

The research came about due to Alex's teachings on layering, imagery, and plants. I've made a choice on my imagery and that requires some additional learning on my part. It will make the whole thing that much more authentic and visually stimulating (remember this is a historical dark fiction piece). I've been thinking about my layers and that's made me realise my opening scene is that much more powerful because of the layers I instinctively included.

I explained it a mate today who was asking why I was reading some stuff he hadn't seen me reading before. I explained all about the imagery in my opening scene, what it represented, how it was portrayed, hidden meanings from a number of different angles - he looked at me kind of weird as if to say, "Yeah right. You've written something that subtly complex..." - I just smiled and walked away - I did write something visually stimulating, full of imagery, and full of layers for my opening scene - it still needs polishing by my beta readers, but not yet. I need an ending.

I'm working through the first half of my plot and fixing missing bits and adding in additional threads to build the story in the later half where I removed the old storyline. My big issue now is the ending (have I mentioned that yet?). I have a few in mind, but they all seem a little cheesy or gimmicky to me - not good. So I continue to work on what I've got and hopefully the characters will reveal to me what the ending has to be. Not how I like to work.

My plot is two thirds complete, with the beginning of a third act. I'm just not sure where or how it will finish. Wish me luck in finding it - and soon.


  1. good luck. I need to layer the book I am working on a little better too.

  2. I've been lapsing in regular updates too.

    The ending is the clincher isn't it? It took me ages to find one I could like for now, even though it will probably change.

    But I definitely think you're going about it the right way by making the beginning more complex. It means you have more cards on the table when you get to the end.

  3. Thanks guys.

    And thanks for words of optimism. All good things come to those that wait, isn't that how it's supposed to go?

    So I wait for my ending. It'll come, but in the meantime, there's plenty to do.