Friday, December 12, 2008

Can't Write

After my last post, I was just about ready to sit down and do some work on Newland and yet I drifted off onto other stuff.

I posted (on HorrorScope) my three latest reviews published in Black magazine (that's from Issue #3 not #4 which is due out next month).

The time taken to do that was extended out as I first thought about having something to eat and then stopped to eat a little something prepared for me by my loving wife.

Then I went and got a drink, had a smoke and chat, and now I've come back to waste more time by blogging about wasting time...

I can't bring myself to sit down and actually write.

That's sad.

And it's not writers block as such. I have plenty to write about, or at the very least, I could do some research I need for the book, but I'm just not in the mood.

I still have plenty of books to read, plenty of magazines to catch up on, and a few markets I want to research, but I couldn't be bothered. I think I've been in the chair too long today.

Time to just call it a night - and I feel quite disappointed by that.

Hope you're having more luck.



  1. Your day sounds like mine was earlier this week. I finally had to force myself to punch out 300 words just to make myself happy.

  2. I have a plan to write about 4k a day over January/maybe into Feb 2009.

    The more I write now, the less I have to push myself then.

    Tonight it's time to make a dent in something. I need to find the last couple of pieces I need for my imagery basis, or I need to write a few thousand words.

    We'll see. The last thing I'll do tonight is post my results on the blog - hence the lateness of any post yet today.