Friday, December 12, 2008

Rejection News

My baby, Wamphyri has gained her first rejection :c(

I'm making it policy now to send my work to a professional paying market first followed by doing the rounds in the Australian short fiction marketplace. So with that in mind, I've picked an Australian market I've not yet gained an acceptance from and currently don't have anything submitted to, checked the guidelines, reformatted the piece, and sent my baby out the door again.

Fingers crossed.

In other news - I've signed and returned the contract concerning Murky Depths, which gives me a rise in spirits. Slight difference in payment level between markets, but an acceptance is still an acceptance, and without it, it doesn't matter what the market is paying. A rejection still equals no credit for the bio and no money in the bank. So Murky Depths is a very good thing.

Both my reviews for the next issue of Black have been sent - one good, one not so good. Can't wait to see whats what, then subscribe to Black ASAP - follow link from cover shot in sidebar.

Started a dialogue with another author regarding their work - hopefully I'll be able to put forward some useful comments to help them gain published status in regards to their novel(s).

Lastly I updated all the AHWA market lists. It is very disappointing to find two or three markets closing their doors every month, usually to be be replaced by an inferior paying (or non-paying) market.

Well that's it from me for today. Time to do some work.

Speak soon.



  1. The lack of professional short story markets is getting desperate. And I know how hard it is to keep a magazine up and running because i have worked on one but This is almost getting embarrassing, especially when you tell people what you do and then they go, "you must make some pretty good money." I have learned to laugh at them.

  2. I went back and checked an old market guide a friend of mine produced over a year ago and surprisingly, there were only 16 markets paying pro rates (5c/word).

    I've removed 3, maybe 4, since I started looking after the market guide for AHWA so in the long run; we're actually not doing too badly.

    At any given time at least half the pro markets are closed to submissions which makes it harder, and a third of them still only accept snail mail submissions which makes it extremely costly for anyone (read Australian's in particular here) accept locals to submit. So in the end, there are only 5 or 6 pro markets to choose from and they all have different tastes narrowing the field even more.

    Every time I look to submit, I only have 2 or 3 to choose from - that's sad.