Sunday, July 19, 2009

Reminder: Alan Baxter Blog Tour

Starting tomorrow, Alan Baxter, author of the novels RealmShift & MageSign will be conducting a virtual tour for his books. He intends to visit ten different blogs/sites and cover all sorts of areas which will be of interest to writers considering the indie publishing route.

As I'm stop number nine on this tour (I now have the dulcet tones of Cliff Richard singing 'Love Potion Number Nine' in my head), I have seen the type of information Alan will be putting out there, and can say without fear that it will be worth reading.

If nothing else, you will be introduced to some new writing sites and there is the opportunity to purchase Alan's books at a discount.

Here's the itinerary of the tour:

Day One: Guest post: Dark Fantasy – What is it exactly? - Monday 20th July at The Creative Penn

Day Two: Interviewed by Leticia Supple - Tues 21st July at Brascoe Books Blog

Day Three: Guest post: Writing a good fight scene - Wed 22nd July at David Wood Online

Day Four: Interviewed by April Hamilton - Thurs 23rd July at Publetariat

Day Five: Guest post: Demons and where to find them - Friday 24th July at Joan De La Haye’s blog

Day Six: Wily Writers publishing my short story “Stand Off” (featuring Isiah, the protagonist from RealmShift and MageSign) as both text and podcast - Sat 25th July at Wily Writers website

Day Seven: Ruthie reviews MageSign - Sun 26th at Ruthie’s Book Reviews

Day Eight: Pat Bertram interviews Isiah, the protagonist from RealmShift and MageSign - Mon 27th July at Pat Bertram Introduces...

Day Nine: Guest post: Indie authors and the future – Tues 28th July at Musings Of An Aussie Writer -

Day Ten: Guest post: The inspiration for RealmShift and MageSign, what they’re about and what’s next – Wed 29th July at The Furnace

Watch Alan's blog at daily for direct links to these articles as they're posted.

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  1. sounds like a good tour. I will be looking into this one.