Saturday, July 4, 2009

Baby Watch

A quick note to let you all know I may not check in for a day or two - or maybe three.

My eldest has gone into the first stages of labour so sometime over the next 24 hours (I hope), I shall become a first time grandparent. Please, no Grandad jokes, I'm only 41 for God's sake.

As per all grandparents, pictures will follow when available.

I'm sure you're all sending Amie (my eldest) your best wishes and you're all thinking good and happy thoughts for a safe delivery into the world of her first child (apparently a boy they're calling Ashton). Thank you in advance for all your kind thoughts.

Jodi Lee - I'll still try to send you my submission within the next day or so.



  1. How exciting! One of the best milestones and blessings in life. :-)

  2. Ooh, I hope Amie and the baby are well. Congratulations.

  3. Thanks Cate and Rebecca. It's 2:43AM here and I'm drinking copious amounts of black coffee. It seems it's going to be a long drawn out labour (poor thing).

    Is that half of Cate's face I see??

  4. Baby update:

    It's just gone 7AM here and I've just got back from the hospital. Unfortunately the labour continues into its 10th hour and seems to have stalled a bit. Poor Amie is in a lot of pain, and I feel like that naked peacock at a fancy dress party - totally useless and out of place. Still her partner is doing the right thing and is being an excellent support mechanism for her along with Jodi.

    Moving from all natural to drugs and other methods. Had to come home to bring youngest back for more rest and I need some sleep. Being a just-about-Grandad means I need more sleep now than I use to - that's my excuse anyway.

    Should know more in a couple of hours...Right now, the little one and I are finishing off our McDonald breakfasts and hitting the hay.

    We will be moving to the florist a little later today to find impressive arrangements for new mum and new nan.

    May have to wet the baby's head this evening ;c)

  5. Good luck, hope all goes well :-) that's wonderful news.

  6. Thanks for the update in the comments-- I was wondering how it was going! Good vibes coming your way. Congratulations to you and yours!