Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Yesterday I wrote a long post on how I felt devoid of anything even closely resembling enthusiasm for writing at the moment. Then I deleted it because I thought it would be taken as a little bit of a whine as opposed to a thoughtful consideration of where I'm at.

I'm not writing as much, and therefore I'm not blogging as much. It's as simple as that really.

I'm biding my time at the moment. I'm struggling with a couple of writing concepts that must be truly understood for me to be able to move forward. I need to nail down the central question, and I need to be able to define a tight central plot around that central question. If the light finally goes on and I figure out how to do this consistently, it'll be a watershed moment and I'll move forward again. Hopefully it doesn't take years to get there.

I think I'm winning the 'Rejected from Necrotic Tissue Club' as I received another knock back from them last night (that's two in the last week). This one was the nicest personalised rejection I've ever had, but still, in the end, a no. A rose by any other name...

Still not up to Danielle's great heights of five rejections last week but I've had four in the last nine days so I'm not far behind.

Now I need to find another market to send 'Worth the Wait' to. Fingers crossed.

Speak soonish...



  1. Enthusiasm sneaks off every once now and then. If there's a trick for bringing it back, I'd love to hear it!

  2. Rejections are your friend, the sign that you are actively subbing. The bad news is they never stop, they just get easier to bear.

    Keep your chin up, sheer bloody-mindedness will get you there in the end :-)

  3. Nat - the trick I think, is to say you're over it and quit. See how long it is before the muse pinches you on the ass and says 'I don't think so. How about this for an idea...'

    Jason - I hope so.

  4. Am sending some good karma your way.