Saturday, July 11, 2009


Not a lot to report on the writing front at the moment. Still reading the Dexter omnibus which has a nasty habit of putting me to sleep every few chapters - not the books fault. I'm just ultra tired. May have something to do with staying up late and watching the cricket...

Still haven't done any writing.

I've received a total of 3 rejections and no acceptances this week. Last night Worth the Wait, which was long listed for a Xmas antho, became the third. :c(

All three have since gone back out to market.

I'm really just not feeling it at the moment. The muse has not only left the building, I think she sold the house and left the general area. I have no drive and no passion at the moment. It's quite sad.

Hope things are better in your writing endeavours.



  1. You're not alone. I see a lot of writing malaise lately, myself included. If I hadn't written "Nikko's Girl" today, I think I would be ready to curl up and sleep the rest of the month away : P

  2. I guess we all go through those kinds of moods one way or another.

    Guess the best way is to keep feeding your muse with books and movies.

  3. Getting my house up to snuff has seemed to drain all my time and will. I feel for you on the falling asleep thing. I start to read and 20 minutes later I have drifted off.

    I am looking forward to August at this point.

  4. August - a change is as good as a holiday - isn't? Does that include months?

  5. Yeah, well, your life has been busy! Don't be too hard on yourself, man, we all love to take a few weeks, or a few months, off now and then. Reminds us what we're missing when we're not writing, right?

    (Verification word: Boodycho. Nice.)

  6. Here's hoping things take a turn. Surely soon there will be shouts of acceptances coming from blogs all over.