Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Take That

Now I think I said something about writing less and not worrying so much about things...and then my muse came back from vacation - with the full outline for a YA novel - for boys (which are apparently in demand). And it's not a horror, it's not even dark, or paranormal. There's only two dead bodies in the whole thing. There's not even any sex - only two kisses, and chaste ones at that!

God help me.

It might even be Middle Grade! I need to find out what the rules are for defining where it sits.

So tomorrow I have something to contribute to WIP Wednesday.

I've already outlined all the chapters! I themes, I have plants and payoffs, I have cute heart felt moments and lots of tension and conflict. Now if I can just find the right words.

No more talk. No more hints. Just WIP progress reports as they come to hand. May have to break out the bean counter again ;c)


  1. Can someone point me to where it says what an MG book actually is...please.

  2. According to this: http://www.write4kids.com/feature6.html it's definitely YA. Sorry Cate.

  3. The pants-less bean is coming back? Huzzah!

  4. Bwahahaha, isn't that always the way? Yay bean counter and progress reports!

  5. Yup, aren't muses fun? I'm glad yours is back. YA for boys, good for you and good luck.

  6. run away with this one. Have fun with it. I am glad the muse is back, even if it is in unexpected form.

  7. Nat - thought you'd be pleased.

    Katey, Bec, Jamie - thanks for the comments. It's nice to be working on something again that I am enjoying rather than working on half-baked ideas. Of course this could be another half-baked idea, but at least I have some enthusiasm for this one and it arrived fully formed.

    It is a good change of pace.