Saturday, July 25, 2009

Review: Dexter, An Omnibus

Dexter: An Omnibus has been reviewed and posted over on HorrorScope. I'd been interested to hear any comments from fans of the show or anybody else who has read any of the first three books.

That makes five novels I've read in just over four weeks. Onto the next one...

Oops, almost forgot - Dexter: An Omnibus earns a 3.4 on my review scale. Book one gets a 3.4, book two a 3.4 and book 3 a 3.3 (In case you were wondering what the individual books would rate).


  1. I miss the ol' college days where I had to read two or three books a week. I couldn't enjoy very many of them. Read them too fast.

  2. I'm sorry but I've never hear of them, so now I've learnt something new from you.

  3. Jamie - I only ever read one book a week, occasionally two if they're both small. I'f I can't get into the book, or don't have enough time to, then I just don't read it.

    Jarmara - It's a good thing to learn something new everyday - or so I keep telling my kids...