Thursday, July 2, 2009


Tonight has been a pretty good night.

I revised God's Piscatorial Church which added 30 something words to it and sent it off to Necrotic Tissue - fingers crossed.

I've also revised Spoilt Rotten and sent that back out to market.

I've since spent an enjoyable time reading Issue 2 of The New Bedlam Zine. Very cool and an excellent follow up to Issue 1. No, I'm not just sucking up to Jodi Lee - it is very good. I was also over the moon to see nobody had stumbled across the angle I'm using for my submission. I'll be doing a final revision on it this weekend and sending it out early next week.

So I have three shorts to review, revise, and resend plus a mountain of reading to do over the weekend. On top of that I have a board game to work on with my little one and a monster amount of mulch and quarry rubble arriving to shift around the front and back gardens - hmm, my back is going to love it!

Best of luck with whatever it is you're working on.


  1. I'm sucking loudly on a lollipop as I read your post. ;)

  2. Good to see you up and about and back at it, sir!

  3. I'm working on rubbing my pug's stomach. Its a slow day.

  4. Moving mulch is my middle name (not really, but my wife seems to think so).

    Hope the back holds up--try not to over do it.

  5. Good to see you're back on the horse :) Have a good weekend.

  6. It's good to hear you're back to your usual energetic self. I'm about to go pay bills and then start on some revisions, myself.

    oh lordie, my word verification is iplot. I guess I'd better do some plotting today too!

  7. I'm excited to find you, my MS is based in Canberra. I love to meet and talk with real Aussies. I wish I could just fly over there and get first hand experience, but alas, money and kiddos keep me from buying that ticket.

    Glad to see that your feeling better, You sounded so sick a few posts ago.


  8. Definitely happy to see you're on the mend. Even if you are a tease... ;)

    PS - I saw my inbox about an hour ago. Tomorrow is slush day, I see. mwahahah

  9. :c( - no news from Jodi as of yet, so I'm guessing she's trying to find a way to let me down easy ;c)