Friday, July 24, 2009


I have spent a lot of time over the past few days, trying to catch up with other peoples blogs, web sites, finding new places of stirling information and paying back those who come to visit me by visiting them.

I'm not done by a long shot, but I am getting there, and then I need to rationalise all the links I have slithering down the right side of my blog - it is getting ridiculously long.

Cool stuff you should be casting an eye over:

Alan Baxter is continuing his blog tour. Subscribe to his feed to be instantly updated as to where his words of wisdom will show up next. Today (day 4 of the tour) he has an interview over at Publetariat.

Also through Alan, I've been reading the wise words of one A. Victoria Mixcon. Now there are lots of editors, agents, and others, on the net offering advice, but I've found that writers, particularly unpublished-but-wannabe-published-novelists, should take care to read as much advice from experienced professionals within the industry as humanly possible and still leave enough time to put that advice into practise.

If you can manage that trick, you'll begin to see similarities and patterns forming, which hopefully are not due to the last thing you introduced into your system, and the current general guidelines for all forms of writing shall emerge. You will also find the occasional professional who talks to you in a manner that just rings true and the proverbial penny shall drop!

Over at Joanne Anderton's blog I found this little gem of advice you might like to take a squiz at.

I'd like to say hello to those who have dropped by, joined the Musings Cult, and left comments recently. I am working my way through all of you, to return the favour, and I'm browsing through your lists/blogs/websites in search of new places of inspriration. Keep an eye out for me.

I began reading the last book in the Dexter Omnibus last night. As usual, I ended up drifting off for a nap. This has more to do with my lacking of sleep in general, and me being on the wrong side of 40, than anything to do with the book. Once I finish this one and release the review, you'll see what I mean - Dear Determined Dabbler in the Waxing & Waning Waters of Writing (good grief - sorry Chuck).

Happily, I'm also still finding time to do the occasional update to my current WIP. This one is coming out in a strange fashion, which is exciting me as Dreaming, the short story which was accepted into the Apex anthology, The Blackness Within, was the same way. And that turned out pretty kewl so I'm hoping this will be the same way.

I'm currently working on chapter 3 and that's going on okay. The lead female character's name has now been set in stone, and last night, the male lead's name came to me. I'd changed it twice already and still wasn't happy with it, but last night, it became obvious when the female lead told me what to call him - got to love it when the characters are already taking over.

This coming weekend will be dedicated to reading - I have to if I want any chance of coming close to deadlines. Being ill put me a long way behind. Time to catch up.


  1. I feel a sense of cleansing when I go though and catch up on all the blogs.

  2. I went skiing for 5 days and had nearly 500 unread posts in my Google Reader. It was a bit daunting, but bloody to get through them!

    Thanks again for you tour support BT!

  3. I am glad you are excited for your new WIP. Have fun with it and good luck catching up.