Wednesday, July 29, 2009


She's new to the blogging world, and extremely funny - The Intern. (Thanks to Editorialass for showing me the path) This is her take on an editorial meeting: What really goes on in editorial meetings is a lot like what goes on when a bunch of girlfriends go out shopping for clothes. Many acquisitions can be boiled down to one fundamental question: Does This Make My Boobs Look Good?

Thanks to Helen Ginger, I now have a new appreciation for the Web, and a slight glimmer of a future plot point for my current WIP with this article from the BBC. :c)

The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror is now open for submissions - check it out.

Thinking about including a horse in your story - Check here first.

Good advice from Toni McGee Causey on creating worthwhile secondary and tertiary characters. (Something I'm concentrating on at the moment)

A review of a 'Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction' has been posted over at How Publishing Really Works which sounds like it could be a useful resource book.

Most writers who've been at it for a while (at least a year or more) have heard all this before (if they've been researching the industry - or have been a regular visitor here), but I'm not sure if I've heard it put quite so well as this over at Murder by 4. The included rejection quotes are a wonderful tonic every writer should remember as well.

And Holy Cow! Has anyone else seen this postover at Hoyden About Town, personally, I only found it by randomly clicking on links in other people's blogs, but anything which delivers an indepth look at Labyrinth, the movie, and close up pictures of a young Jennifer Connelly (I had such a thing for her in the 80s - not so much now she's had all 'that work done'), can only be a good thing.


  1. You have a great blog and I'm glad to have discovered your presence!

  2. :c) Praise is always welcome - as are you.

  3. Ooh! I'm definitely saving the horse link.

  4. The horse link just proves why you should restrict your character to only riding giant wolves.

  5. Nat - glad you liked it.

    Anton - that, is funny!