Friday, June 12, 2009


Last night I finished my revision of Swirls In Obsidian. It has been renamed Arcanum due to all the changes which have been made and sent out to my wonderful group of beta readers.

I did this while rebuilding my oldest daughters laptop and while continuing to wait on tender hooks for any word from the editor I'm currently working with.

Alas, the laptop is rebuilt, the revision is complete, I even managed to get halfway through NT # issue 6, but still nothing from the editor. I don't blame her for it or hold any grudges. I'm sure she has more than just little old me to work with in getting this book together to the extremely high standards this particular publication is known for.

Tonight I have more real work to do. Sunday I will be once more at my day job doing overtime. Sunday night I'll be putting together my last assignment for submission sometime during the coming week. I must also finish reading NT6 and read New Bedlam 1 before the weekend is done so I can make a dent in my review work.

You just know my slush reading for this month will arrive in my inbox any day now...

As for the previous discussion on writing courses. I am in no way saying people shouldn't do it. I am suggesting there may be better ways to achieve the same results, but courses do provide the structure some people need, and they definitely provide the much needed piece of paper to allow one to move into some writing professions. I suggest that if you are going to do a writing course, you first look at doing a short English grammar course to get the basics right (unlike me), and then research any long time course carefully. Ask around, post a question, be sure. Know what you want out of it and ensure that is the minimum you attain.

And good luck.

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  1. Have fun with NT 6! I have to finish that one myself : )