Friday, June 5, 2009


I've finally gotten around to posting my reviews onto Amazon (after a timely reminder from Alan).

It (Amazon) tells me they may not appear for 48 hours, so be patient if you're waiting to see a review of something you've been published in or something you're considering buying (because I know you wouldn't do that until you've heard my opinion on it).

Work continues on my revision of a couple of stories and will do over the long weekend which stretches before me (Queen's Birthday here in SA - happy birthday Liz!). I'm also intending on finishing up the majority of my last assignments so they're ready to go out the door once I've got the last few pieces together. I've given a deadline of the 15th of June before the last is actually posted so no rush on those who've been so kind to pierce my sample chapter with the cold hard steel of truth.

I'm also moving along with my reading. I'm about halfway through Atrum Tempestas and will go close to finishing that tonight.

Not much happening on the new words front at the moment though. The muse has vacated the premises. I think I'll check out what anthologies are around the place over the weekend, but I'm not limiting it to just dark fiction. According to Duotrope, there are about 40 anthologies on the books at the moment. Maybe one of those will stir up an idea. I've also got to finish reading Issue 5 & 6 of the NT back catalogue and then Issue 1 of New Bedlam.

If that doesn't spark something, I've got nearly 40 books sitting on my to read shelf that should get me going - or make me go blind - no, they are not that kind of book.

So that's my weekend summed up. Of course there's the kids sport and time with the family, and research to fit in there as well, but this is a writing blog and I know none of you are interested in my other exploits.

Speak soon.

Good luck with your submissions.



  1. Good luck with your revisions. Do you find it easy to go from revising one piece straight to another, even in the same day?

  2. Speaking of going blind, you should pick up Christa Faust's book, Money Shot. I wouldn't recommend it to everyone but I think you might like it. Good luck with everything you have going on.

  3. You do sleep, right? I'm seriously beginning to doubt you do...


  4. Have a great weekend! Reading to refill the mental tanks is a great way to spend a few days.

  5. Hey, why don't we get the Queen's birthday off work?

  6. I love looking up anthology guidelines. They've sparked some neat story ideas : )

  7. Enjoy the weekend. Reading is a definate plus.

  8. You never mentioned what you're going to do in all your spare time. Cuz there's gonna be lots of that left over, right?

  9. Thanks BT. Did you post the RealmShift one too? Because that one hasn't appeared yet but the MageSign one has.

  10. Ben - Before I revise anything, I always reread it completely so I'm put back into the frame of mind I was in when I wrote it. I can then do one piece, reread the next piece and then revise that one - rinse and repeat as I go.

    Jamie - I watched the trailer and read the review. Not sure about that one.

    Jodi - I sleep a lot Saturday and Sunday morning - I'm lucky to get more than a few hours any other night.

    Cate - being an Aussie, we take every opportunity we can to have a day off :c)

    Alan - I posted about a dozen reviews (maybe more). I posted RealmShift before I posted MageSign so who knows how they'll appear.

  11. I've long since given up trying to figure out how Amazon works. It's a complicated place! Cheers.