Friday, June 12, 2009

Last Piece

I received the last of my feedback on my sample chapter today. This in turn allowed me to knock off the final assignment of semester 1.

I need to go buy a new printer cartridge over the weekend (although I could print it out at work come Monday if it comes to that). The due date for final assignments is 24th of June, so I've once again finished well ahead of schedule, even though I took three weeks off in the middle of the semester.

I'll now be considering my options and investigating whether I should bother continuing with the study route. I'm not inclined to do so currently. We'll see.

Still no word on my short listed piece. Hopefully sometime tonight.

Now - to see if I can put together something for The Awesome Carrie Harris and the Zom-Com Contest (Yes the capital in Awesome is intentional - I'll try anything to suck up to the judges)


  1. If you feel your time is better spent writing and not worrying about assignments then by all means, don't continue. If you think it could help your current novel, which after reading the first chapter I think is a very worthwhile project, then continue on.

  2. What Jamie said, even though I haven't read the first chapter. ;)

  3. Find a way to work Richard Simmons into it ; )