Sunday, June 7, 2009

Still Reading

I'm still working my way through my reading.

I managed to submit assignment 8 for the film based module so that one is now complete. A C grade will get me a credit.

I'm working on the last assignment for the novel writing module so the end of the semester is well in hand.

I've also been asked to do a revision for one piece I currently have out which TOTALLY blew me away. It's my biggest market to date so I'm suddenly very anxious. If it wasn't for the steading influence of my private super editor, Pharosian, I'd be pulling my hair out by now. A beacon by name and by nature. Thank you Pharo.

So the sudden adrenaline rush and chaos of continuos revisions put my weekend schedule a little behind. Out of the 25 stories in Atrum Tempestas, I'm currently up to number 19. Our very own Danielle Ferris is only another three stories away. I shall get there tomorrow (it's now 1am so that would mean later today).

I also want to finish reading the NT back catalogue and read New Bedlam before the weekend is out. Monday will be helping the little one with a project and getting some work done around the house - if the rain holds off.

That's it from me for now - time to go watch the Socceroos.


  1. New Bedlam was good! Happy reading : )

  2. Congrats on the revision request! That's a big thing.