Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Late Update

I'm about to go off and watch Mist, but I thought I'd give Jodi...I mean everybody, a quick update.

I worked on my current two stories today. The serial one has started to go off on a weird and not so good tangent. I stopped mid-sentence because I couldn't figure out what the hell I was trying to accomplish and I couldn't see where the characters were trying to take me.

Because of this, I sat down and mapped my New Bedlam sub instead. And then I started to fill that map out and now have quite a chunky outline in place.

If I can get the right words in the right order, I think this could turn out quite nicely. Of course, Jodi Lee could take one look at it and send out assassins with orders to kill me for building up tension and suspense and not delivering.

But that's the risk we boys take all the time...


  1. I believe Jodi has a team of men on stand-by to deal with troublesome writers.

  2. nothing like a good suspense. Hanging isn't fun but the build-up can be.

  3. She uses the back-up dancers from DJ Ozma's "Spiderman" video.

  4. Now I have to wait until I get home and watch the Spiderman video before I can comment. Are the dancers men or the topless women?

    I think that may have a large influence over the content of my answer...

  5. Oh, you'll see ; )

  6. Don't do that!

    God help me, I think I've gone blind...

  7. omg, Tease!

    I want to add to my previous comment. I'm getting all kinds of inspiration from being driven just slightly mad... x-P