Friday, June 26, 2009


Still very sick.

Crawled out of bed to find a new movie to watch and to post some stuff - sorry Aaron, the brain is just too fuzzy to come up with another word.

So far I've watched:

Sweeney Todd - cool
The Prestige - interesting but a bit of a let down with half the reveal. I'd figured one bit out, but the other bit I couldn't grasp had a simple solution which was shouted at me all the way through, but one which I didn't believe. Looking back, as a piece of story telling, it was well crafted, but as a watcher, it seemed a little bit lacking.
The Illusionist - Cool film with lots of plants and payoffs which led to a logical ending. This wasn't a case of the story teller trying to be overly subtle or by trying to hide things from the audience - everything was there and it still made for a good story.
Underbelly 2 - my wife and I are working through the TV series. We have a disc and bit left to go. Not as good as the first series, but not bad.

Add these to the movies I've already mentioned in recent posts, and you can see I've done very little other than watch the box.

Some interesting news in the little bit of cyber-surfing I have managed:

Jason Sizemore (Apex Editor) has announced the magazine is coming out of hiatus (which lasted all of a number of weeks). Go check it out. Submissions will be open as of July 1st!

Stuart Neville is releasing his book 'The Twelve' to the Northern Hemisphere this week (no, I'm not upset that once again we down here have to wait...), but he has also released a free ebook of short stories called The Six. Go check it out to read some of the most anticipated work for some time.

There's lots of other good stuff, but I'm going back to bed so you'll have to troll through my blog lists over there on the side-bar. Yeah, I know, very slack of me, but I'm sick so :cP

Good luck with your writing.



  1. I enjoyed the Prestige.

    The Six is good. I have a copy printed off and sitting next to me as we speak right now. Now I can't wait for the Twelve (Ghosts of Belfast) to come out in the states.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon. Sending some good mojo your way. (Or maybe a jessica alba lookalike.)

  2. I much preferred The Illusionist to The Prestige.

    I read the book, specifically, before watching the movie of The Prestige. I preferred the story in the book, and particularly the ending. Nice use of "unreliable narrators" overall.

    I was pretty surprised when I first heard Christopher Priest had written a book about magicians. He'd totally fallen off my radar, and all I could remember him for where pretty bleak SF tales from the 70s.

  3. The Illusionist was a fine movie. Hope you're doing fine, soon.

  4. Ugg indeed-- endless sickness is no good. I'll be sending good vibes down there for you. (They should reach the southern hemisphere soon, right?)

    I thought Sweeney Todd was great fun (they left out the Ballad of Sweeney Todd! Which is useless in itself anyhow, but was amusing), and the Prestige was entertaining enough. The Illusionist is on demand right now-- I'll have to go and watch it!

  5. I loved 'The Illusionist'. Get well soon.

  6. If you're still in your sick bed for a while and looking for more movies to watch, I just finished watching Los Cronocrímenes (Timecrimes) and would recommend it. It evokes Memento, the way it plays with past events, though it's more of a vaguely-SF thriller.

  7. At least you're catching up on movies!

  8. Woke up this morning with a story idea buzzing around in my head.

    Most of it was gone by the time I fully woke up, but I still have an inkling.

    The good news is that I'm obviously on the mend, or at least my brain is starting to function again.

    Thanks for all the well wishes and suggestions.

  9. Hope you get well soon.

    I was kind of sick too yesterday, but have held it off so I can go for a gig tonight.