Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back On Track

Okay, I think I'm about done with revising Arcanum. I'll be letting it sit for a few days and then giving it another read through before sending it to my toughest critique for their opinion.

Then I'm thinking of sending it off to The Way of the Wizard anthology - see previous post.

A couple of my ideas for The New Bedlam Project have gelled together so things are beginning to hot up in my head. For a change, I started with the end (Aaron will be pleased), and now have cause and effect, but I'm trying to nail down a beginning in my head which makes sense, is believable and fits in with the whole New Bedlam feel that I've read so far. It'll come...

In the mail today I received two things. An assignment, which only managed a C grade and has so many comments all over it I'm amazed it didn't cost them extra in stamps due to the weight of ink, and a couple of books.

The assignment I'm not overly fussed about. I may read the comments, I may not - it doesn't matter at the moment because I've already sent in the remainder of this semester's assignments and then that's it - I'm done for the time being with study.

But the books...today I've finally seen some words I wrote in an actual book. A real one with a flash looking cover and pages and black ink and everything. Only downer is it doesn't have my name on the two stories within it :c(

Yeah, it's my two erotica stories in the British anthology "The Mammoth Book of Erotic Confessions"

Unfortunately neither of these stories are penned under my real name :c(, so I still have that check box to tick, but it paid well and I wrote these at a time when i was still experimenting with genres and finding my fledgling voice.

So, if you're into reading erotica, then may I suggest you do yourself a favour and add this to your list. Would make a great present for that special someone in your life...maybe.

Well, I thought it was a big deal.

Time to get back to some more normal writing; you know, maiming and killing and that type of stuff ;c)


  1. Right on, BT!

    Bring on the maining and killing...jeez, we can read smut anywhere! You know I'm kidding, of course. I hope, one day, to see a story of mine in print. Congrats on getting yours in the Mammoth Book of Confetic Erections..or something like that.

  2. I'm tempted to write erotica myself. Given the sheer amount of penis that would be involved, I doubt you would want to read it ; )

  3. Writing toward a certain ending tends to improve the pace of my stories.

    Oh and congrats on the publication.

  4. Congratulations on the pub, BT!

    You're simply going to drive me mad, hinting at what's to come.. LOL

  5. Jodi - I outlined the plot of the sub today - I like... ;c)

    Alan - not far off from the truth with that mock title.

    Nat - depends on what's being done with it...

    Ben - thanks.

    D - that's my type of girl!