Saturday, June 27, 2009

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

As I rose from the depths of sleep late this morning, a story idea was playing out in my head, a powerful story idea.

But being ill, I wanted to stay in the warm confines of my bed and enjoy the tale rather than write it down and work on it. So I lay there, half awake, and started trying to remember bits and pieces and solidify cause and effects - and so the story slowly slipped from me.

I'm left with vague recollections, images, smells, sounds. I know the time period and the main specfic plot details behind it, but I don't have the central question. I've written down everything I can remember, but it has some pretty big holes in it.

But at least I'm thinking again which means the light at the end of the tunnel may not be a train rushing towards me.

For those of you after an excellent read, I present the second issue of Midnight Echo, the official magazine of the Australian Horror Writers Association.

Non-members can download the PDF for US$3.50 or purchase the print version for US$12.95 from this link at the AHWA Midnight Echo page.

Stealing directly from the write up on HorrorScope:

Contributors include David Conyers, Bob Franklin, Kurt Newton, Felicity Dowker, Andrew J McKiernan, and Joanne Anderton, among many more. Art Director David Schembri has assembled an array of darkly visual delights from artists such as George Cotronis, Will Jacques, Liza Phoenix, Khara Burgess, and more.

I've already downloaded my free copy (because I'm a member ;cP), and can verify that this issue continues, if not exceeds, the excellent levels of dark fiction and professionalism begun in issue one. Do yourself a favour - go buy it.

Lastly - on the agenda for today:

Reading ME2
Reading The Six
Watching Transformers 2
Watching The Second Coming
Watching the Adelaide Crows (my AFL team)

Still not writing, but I'm getting closer.

Hope things are still going well for you.


  1. Can't wait to get into reading ME2, but should finish ME1 too. Especially seeing as its my target market at the moment.

    Btw, love letting stories float around my head for days even weeks before I write it down.

    Oh and you should check out my new site design.

  2. Sounds, vaguely, like you are feeling better. Hope your health improves as the weekend progresses. Have a good one and enjoy the game.

  3. Sounds like you're on the mend...glad to see that your mind was still functioning and creating, despite illness.

  4. I think perhaps you're over the hump!