Monday, June 8, 2009

Reading List 2009

I've seen many blogs with a list of what's been read by the owner and I've decided I want one. So over on the sidebar, in the coming days as I gather the titles together. you will see a list of everything I've read so far this year and I'll try to keep it updated.

Why? Reading is part of learning as a writer, and showing what I've read and what I'm currently reading is visible proof to myself that I'm not slacking off completely.

Yes I have the GoodRead widgets toward the bottom, but I want books that I've read this year listed by themselves. I know I read 27 books last year, but I don't know how many, or what ezines or print magazines I read. I need to know where my time is going because I have so little of it to go around.


  1. That's interesting that you count ezines and magazines. Do you only count them after you've read every article?

    I tend to read parts of ezines or magazines and only sometimes the whole thing.

  2. I read genre ezines like NT or ME from cover to cover, it's only men's magazines that I read parts of...