Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I present for your veiwing enjoyment and total awe, the new cover for my book!

No longer am I writing a dark historical romance with swathes of parnormal experiences throughout - I have been shown the error of my ways! I'm beginning a new WIP - and it's gonna be blue ;c)

Just kidding.

If you haven't caught up with the craze yet, head on over to Carrie Harris' blog of total awesomness and check things out.

Thanks, Carrie. Your advice is wonderfully sparkly and threaded with brilliance. Please pass on my many thanks to the Query Ninja. I bow respectfully to their greater power and understanding.

Or, as us Aussies would say while turning a snag over the barbie in your honour while lifting a cold one in your direction: You're a top shelia, and ta muchly for the bonza advice. Oh and thank the fella in the black getup for me as well...


  1. LOL..yes, that was more sparkling advise from the Querie Ninja. I also enjoyed your stereotypical Aussie tip-of-the-hat (or bottle).
    The blue lady is very nice, but stick to the paranormal.

  2. Judging by the length of that dress, I'd say your also a little bit of a slut.

  3. Slightly off-topic, but given that Smurfette was the only chick in a whole race of male Smurfs, there's no question that she was a bit of a slut.


  4. yes, excellent advice from QN.

    Have you ever done a search for images of Smurfette? My choice was very tame...

  5. Hey, there's a reason that Smurfs worked well with a query that had a lot of lusting in it...

    Thanks again for sending it in. Can I have a cold one too? ;)

  6. Hello Mr BT, I came over to talk more about queries, but I don't see an email address anywhere.

    Did you get Carrie's last message about the word count?

  7. Please V - just call me BT, everyone else does.

    Yes, I've now caught up with Carrie's responses, and I'm not sure I'd put the word count at the beginning. I like the idea of everything being about the story to start with and then concluding with just the basics. I think I'll be putting the word count in the paragraph where I compare it with other titles. Maybe start the paragraph off with: "This completed 95000 word manuscript has settings reminiscent of..."

    What do you think?

    Carrie - If you're a good girl, you can have two - of course, if you're a bad girl, you can have as many as you like...

  8. Whoops - email address.

    bt[dot]author[at] gmail[dot]com

    I check this email address a few times a week now, after being naughty and not finding an email sent from a friend until sometime after I should have (sorry D).