Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Quiet Day On The Writing Front

I've done zero writing today until I began this post.

I've done zero reading.

Had lots of meetings at work so that kept me more than busy.

I did receive an assignment back! Another B grade. I'm seriously considering not continuing this course. I've learned more about writing in the last week from my secret editor than I have in 18 months in the course - that's sad.

I've also updated all the market links and news at AHWA so if you're a member don't forget to head along and check it out for all your Australian and dark fiction markets - oh, and I've added The New Bedlam Project to the database ;c)

And that's it.

So much for Mr Busy who doesn't sleep.

Good luck with your submissions.



  1. And many days the brain needs to rest. Not a bad thing.

  2. Who needs words when we can make videos? :)

  3. Yes, enjoy the break and then started writing again as soon as you feel revitalized. :)

  4. Sorry the course isn't working out. Maybe it peaked, was it better in the beginning?

  5. Have you seen this?

    Big article, but that's the New Yorker for you. It asks the question, can and should Creative Writing be taught.

  6. I have friends who've done writing courses and are of the same opinion.

  7. The course wasn't any better in the beginning - I was hoping it would improve as it went along.

    We live and learn - maybe I'll just go and make a video...