Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Mistake...It Was A Train

Not happy! Saturday and Sunday were merely false dawns of a new age. Monday saw me doing my best impression of a seal and attempting to cough up a lung. Today I feel almost as bad as I did last Wednesday as if the cycle is starting all over again.

If I don't have Swine Flu - I've got the next best thing. I've never been this sick before, and now Jodi has it as well. The kids are all a little snuffly or have just got over it. The worse bit is my eldest is due to have our first grandchild at anytime (she was due at the end of last week), and none of us will be able to enjoy it or be part of the event because we're all too sick!

To top things off, no writing has led to no blog posts on writing, so last weeks numbers have dropped significantly. Let this be a lesson to you all. If you intend to have a blog about writing, make sure you blog everyday and post worthwhile comments or people will stop coming :c( My numbers steadily increased to peak at just over 250 individual visitors a week. Last week saw that drop by around 80!

I haven't managed to read* or write anything in sometime. I tried doing some work on my partial story idea from my dream last week but it's coming out forced so I've dropped it. If it reoccurs so be it, if not...

* - Not quite true. I did read about half of ME2 yesterday in three sittings. My eyes get tired from focusing on the screen (and I cant focus on printed text at all), but I did learn two things:

1) We have some great writing talent in Australia

2) I should have sent Dreaming, Digging Up The Past (DUTP), or God's Piscatorial Church (GPC) to ME2 submissions instead of Wamphyri.

Of course, DUTP & GPC have been entered into the AHWA comps so if successful they'd end up in ME3 or 4 and Dreaming has ended up in the Apex anthology Blackness Within.

Today I'm going to try and get a couple of things done. I'll finish reading ME2 and I'll pull my story for The New Bedlam Project out of mothballs. I'll reread it, do any revisions I need and then send to the guru (Pharo). On return, it will go through another round of revision and then go to my beta readers for comment. Next week - the second week of July - as promised, I'll be submitting it to Jodi Lee.

I've also got two pieces I need to finish polishing in preparation for sending to NT this week. So much to do, and so much snot to wade through. If I can just keep my lungs within my chest, I should be able to get some of it done.

Time to get to work!


  1. At this point you're buying stock in Kleenex, eh?

  2. *puts on mask*

    Geez, I really hope ya'll can break the sick soon. :(

  3. I don't worry about my visitor statcount any more - well, okay, I never seriously worried about in the first place :) - I think it's the returning visitors and the friends you make online who are more important. The others are fly-by-nighters who forget all about your blog as soon as they're gone.

  4. Well said, Catherine...

    BT, hope that you (and the whole family) can shake this soon.

  5. Hope you're all getting better. We've got the same thing, but I promise that I didn't infect you. ;)

  6. Maybe it is something completely new and different and you will be famous in the medical journals. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  7. psst...I tried sending that email again, BT. This time through my gmail account.

  8. You're sick? What ya got then, swine flu? I've had a sore throat bug for seven weeks. Not swine flu. If it was swine flu, someone would have given me tami flu and I'd have been well again six weeks ago.

  9. I am officially over whatever the hell it is I've got. Not over as in I'm well again but I'm sick of talking about it and well past over feeling this way - so, thank you everyone for the well wishes, but I shall burden you no more with tales of woe.

    If I don't happen to post for a day or two, it's probably due to me not getting anything done or not making it to the computer (probably both).

    Fear not though, I'm not going on hiatus just yet ;c)

  10. I used to check the stat counter obsessively when I started this blog & myspace but I don't hardly check it at all now that I've made a great bunch of blogging friends and continue to meet new people.

  11. Hopefully you're at the end stages of the flu. I know last time I had the flu, and was sick as a dog for weeks and couldn't eat hardly anything, it ended with a raging earache. After that I got better rather rapidly. Maybe you're finishing with a cough instead of an earache.

    Take care of yourself!