Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Still Unbelievably Busy

Today I did a crit on a large piece of work by The Teacher (aka Amy). I'm hoping when I get the reply, we'll still be friends--it was a tough crit.

I also did the first part of my next assignment. I need to pick a topic and do some interviews before writing up summaries so I couldn't finish it tonight.

I finally finished fixing my sister's computer. It is once again as good as new. If one of my nephews gets another Trojan on it, I'll kill them or at least make them pay professional rates to get it cleaned. This thing was a tough bastard to kill.

No response back on the two reviews I sent in. I've started reading a supernatural erotica novel titled Deep Inside. It's different, but very cool. I've said it before that writers need to read - a lot and widely. If you intend to write in the darker genres then I seriously suggest you dabble in erotica at some point. Horror and dark fiction tend to lean on sex a lot. Maybe not as heavily, or as obviously as erotica but, just like in real life, you need to know the whole topic before you can be any good at any of it.

Very hard to write about the bodies response to something if you're incapable of describing a wide variety of feelings from all sorts of acts. And the good bit - erotica pays really well. I haven't written any for a while as I've moved into other areas at the moment, but I'm considering going back there at some point. I had two pieces accepted into a big anthology last year, which isn't due to be published until next year - The Mammoth Book of Erotic Confessions - at 15 pounds each story (minimum) you can't go wrong with the exchange rate between Australia and the UK.
Go on, give it a go. Calls for submissions have already gone out for another book. Have a peek--you know you want to.

Just gone midnight here so time for me to hit the sack. Good night and pleasant dreams.

Best of luck with whatever genre writing your Deep Inside of ;c)


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