Saturday, August 30, 2008


My lovely wife had a dinner engagement to attend tonight so I thought I'd do a quick switch of which night I'd have off writing. Turns out I ended up doing a couple of hours yesterday anyway but nowhere near what I normally do.

I figured I'd spend that couple of hours on Wamphyri and then have all of tonight to work on Newland. Wamphyri is coming along. It's now 20 something words over limit but I've addressed all the areas of concern from my readers. Now I just need to find areas to slim down - any one have a girdle for words?

So tonight I'm supposed to be working on the book and I've only just sat down at the computer. This cold still has a grip on me and I have a killer headache on top of that. I can't concentrate. As I've said before, when I sit down to write, I read over what I did before and then move on from there. Unfortunately just reading what I'm currently typing is causing me to squint at the screen.

I've got this week off work. I've got appointments on Monday and an interview for SA50s+ to do on Wednesday. Other than that, it's time to write. No painting this time round.

This week I want to do at least two chapters of Newland, finish off Wamphyri, and do two assignments. I'd also like to finish reading another book, and finish another article for SA50s+ (otherwise why bother going on an interview?).

Lets see how I do. How much do you read/write in a week? Do you work full time as well? Am I deluding myself... :)

Good luck with your writing.


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