Monday, August 18, 2008

Module 2 Assignment 1 Done - Again

"insert voice dripping with sarcasm here" Strange - I looked very closely at Mr Stone's general comments and then went through what I'd done.

"attach open palm to forehead with great velocity here" - I'd generalised the whole assignment because I'd missed the imperative line "an article" - the assignment was supposed to focus on a single article I was intending to research and write, not what I was intending to research and write overall. Bloody dill! - apologies to Mr Stone for me going off half cocked--again.

Now Mr Stone also stressed that I should take my time and have a think before redoing it - I'm not really built that way. I made a mistake so I carefully went through the criteria again. And then rewrote the assignment. It's now ready to be sent off again. I'm sure I've got it covered this time. Famous last words...

I'll do the second resubmission tomorrow night. I'm not sure if he'll accept that one but I want to do it right anyway. If he accepts it, fine, if not then so be it. It currently has been graded at a lowly C- which made me cringe after getting used to As and Bs. Definitely woke me up from my carefree attitude. Like I said - business as usual with Mr Stone.

Time for me to be calling it a night. I've got 100 or so pages left to read on my current book for review and then it's off to the land of nod.



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