Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's Done

Too Late the Rain has a new ending. After it was returned from the AHWA contest, I cut it deep, removing a further 200 or so words from it. Now I've rewritten it and it's turned out to be nearly 400 words longer than the version I sent to the contest.

I'm not sending it to any more competitions. I want market feedback on the new version.

Tonight I'm going to scour through the flat payment markets for a proper submission path for it. I've become the victim of impatience again. I haven't waited for a response from my reader before redoing it. I couldn't. After being hit with a big idea last night, it had to be done.

I think I'll put it up on TPN this weekend. I think they like this version much better as it addresses one of their major concerns with the ending. We'll see. I've printed out a copy for my wife to read and for her to take to my new reader, but tonight I'm still researching what markets it needs to go to.

Writing this has stopped me going to the Post Office to send off my assignments. I did remember to copy my front page story to add to the package I have to send off, though. It'll go tomorrow now. No biggy.

I've had news that all of my expected reading will arrive tomorrow or Friday at the latest. Going to be a busy weekend. I'm out most of Friday and Saturday, it's my youngest daughter's birthday on Sunday so that could be full on. Then a week to read two books and do reviews (actually six days). I usually take my time and read a good size book (3-400 pages) in a week. With all my other commitments, it's taken me two or three times that. Now I have to cut it in half. Should be an interesting experience, and not much writing. We'll see.

Speak to you later.


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