Sunday, August 3, 2008


Yesterday, as some of you may remember is my day off. Absolutely no writing takes place on a Saturday. Very rarely any reading either. I do handyman stuff around the house or go out with the family. Live a little bit of the normal life.

Unfortunately, today I haven't been able to pick up Clive Barker's Books of Blood as of yet. I intend to shortly though. I will finish it tonight so I can look at doing a review before my next lot of review books arrive for Black/HorrorScope.

I did get to writing some more of chapter 4 (this will actually become chapter 7 when the book is spliced together) for Newland though. It's progressing. I've tried to keep chapter length close to 2000 words at this point in time. I figure on a first draft, if I can keep it succinct, I'll have less waffle to cut later. Personally I think adding is much easier. Chapter 4 currently sits at a little over 1900 words and has only covered half of what I wanted it to. I have a bit of shadowing still to include, a funeral, a prisoner escape, and and a loose end to tie up. These bits will definitely take more than 100 or so words. So be it. If it takes another 1000 words then that's what it takes. I'll worry about it in the revision stage.

Time to go do some reading.

Speak to you later.


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