Monday, August 11, 2008

Reviews Done & Positive Feedback

The two reviews for the next issue of Black magazine have been done and sent off. I finished reading Voodoo Doll by Dr Leah Giarrantano only half an hour ago, sent the finished reviews less than 10 minutes ago.

If you want the early heads up on whether I thought them any good and worthwhile spending your hard earned on, then be sure to get your copy of Black Issue #2 (Hint: Go buy them!--too subtle??)

I've also received the feedback from my independent reader: he really enjoyed Too Late the Rain, Winged Shepherd, Mobile and Dark Rose - particularly liked Dark Rose.

So it's nice to gain some validation from an avid reader of a vast number of books, although I still have misgivings about Rose, but why aren't they selling? What am I missing? Am I targeting the wrong markets?

It's hard to stay positive when I see others selling their work with apparent ease. Then I found this. It's important information that all aspiring writers should keep close to their heart. My stuff may not be selling as quickly just yet but that's only because I haven't found the right market for it yet. It is good, it's just not to everyones tastes. The reaction I've had from a wide cross section of readers (some writers, some not) should have clued me in on that to start with. It takes me a while but eventually the penny drops.

So I'll keep an eye open for the right markets for my current work and keep on submitting. They'll find a home eventually.

With the reviews out of the way, I can relax my reading a little - not too much as I still have four books to review for HorrorScope and a couple that have been sitting around waiting for me to get to them but keep getting pushed back. Tomorrow night I want to look at my next assignment, and I still need to do some more writing on Newland.

My plan would be: Tuesday - Newland; Wednesday - Assignment; Thursday - Wamphyri; Friday - Double check assignment before attending festival launch party.

Obviously still plenty on and more besides. Will someone let me know when they discover the 38 hour day--I could use that.

Getting late, time for bed.

Good luck with your writing.


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