Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another Assignment Redone

Well almost. This has been hard. I found it hard the first time round too, but this time I've done it on an idea for an article I'm already pitching, but isn't yet accepted--although it looks promising.

Shaping it into what is required for the assignment was the hard part. The idea and the reasons behind the article were obvious as was the original market, but because of the way the assignment is worded, it keeps pushing me back to a different mind frame. My idea for an article almost seems trivial to what it's trying to get me to do.

But that could be my blinkers in regards to articles and the terminology used in the assignment. My innate thought process should be closer to the mark of what is required but nagging doubts remain because of the wording. We'll see. I can't do any worse than a C-.

I have a flow chart to depict my flow of ideas in creating this article still to do, and I want to do some more research into possible markets to offer a few targets when I resubmit the assignment. I think Mr Stone will like that.

So a pretty productive night. A book finished and reviewed, and an assignment almost redone. I'll finish it off tomorrow night first thing, and then move onto reading and reviewing The Teacher's anthology.

I keep telling everyone what I'm doing and how I'm progressing, but what are you doing? Had any acceptances you'd like to crow about? You should, crow that is, to everyone that'll listen. It's not easy to put your work out there, so you have a right to feel proud when someone else agrees that it is good enough to be shown to the world.

Feel free to drop me a comment about your latest successes, or your latest plans. Maybe you'll trigger ideas or new pathways for others that read the blog.

Don't be shy.

And don't forget, that I'm looking after markets for AHWA now, so if you have any market news, let me know about that too.

Best of luck with your writing.


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