Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kicked While I'm Down

Well--not really. I'm still very ill. Only a few days ago I was listening to a news story about how the flu season had seemed to pass Adelaide by this year - yet another news story released just a little too early to be useful.

So, I've spent the last two days in bed and now I've finally dragged myself to the keyboard to check my emails, and I discover that Idolatry got knocked back. I'd do a write up and grab an excerpt of the comments, but the jury is still out on whether people think it should be done - so I'll make comments on the comments but leave it at that.

Dark Recesses thought my writing was pretty good but the story didn't have enough in it. I'd describe Idolatry as more 1920s noir fiction so it could very well be a little light for a full on horror market - that's cool and the feedback is very much appreciated. Increase the reject total by one.

I don't have the strength to think about revisions, new markets or anything else at the moment. It's suddenly got very hot in here, and my nose is starting to run again from sitting up for longer than I have in two days.

Time to go back to bed.

Hope life is better where you are.


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