Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's Done

Too Late the Rain has gone out the door to battle the forces of editorialism once more. I've lowered my sights some what, and rewritten the ending, so we'll see if it makes more of a splash.

I've released the markets page I now maintain for AHWA. It's a little different to the one I maintain as my subs list (which I am aware is missing a whole heap of links and I'll rectify when I get the chance), much more comprehensive with a lot of additional help for authors trying to find somewhere for their masterpiece. Help in the form of advice from already published authors, additional links to market resources, market news specifically for dark fiction authors, and much more.

All available only to AHWA members. I have been carrying on about readers of this blog joining this great organisation before. I know some of you already are. For an initial fee of $15AU and an ongoing annual fee of a poultry $20AU, you gain so much in return.

For example, lets say you fork out your hard earned on the initial layout of $35AU, you get:

Entrance into the AHWA annual contests for free - saving $15AU

Access to the PDF AHWA bi-annual magazine Midnight Echo - saving $9AU

Access to a dark fiction specific market database - no other similar online database exists but an average membership to some of the better online databases go for around $20AU.

Access to interactive chat sessions with leading figures in the industry - priceless

Able to network with fellow writers of your genre - not that easy to obtain.

Discounts all over the shop - I've saved close to $50 in the 6 months I've been a member

And heaps more. With what I've mentioned alone, you've saved nearly $100, paying for the measly $35 initial outlay. Next year, will probably be even better due to AHWA growing so rapidly, and the second year is only going to cost me $20AU!

Do yourself a favour - join!

Good luck with your submissions.


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