Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday

Firstly - Happy Birthday to Amy Treadwell.

Secondly - Happy Birthday to Musings Of An Aussie Writer!

Yep, we've turned 1 year old. Well, we actually turned 1 year old 5 days ago but due to illness and the reminder being set on my work computer, I missed it.

So mark it in your diaries - 22nd August - I'll supply the cake, you bring a libation of your choice.

A little under 4000 visitors in 12 months to my little section of cyberspace. Not bad really. According to ClustrMaps, I've had visitors from every continent except Antarctica. Not a huge amount of people from Africa or South America, so I'd love for that area to increase. Maybe someone out of Egypt or Argentina...

The majority of my visitors have been from Australia, USA and UK which is understandable but writing is universal and the Net is spreading wider everyday. Send me requests to link to your sites. Send me requests to comment on your sites if you'd like. More than happy to spread the love of writing and increase your traffic and my own.

Here's to topping 8000 visitors by this time next year.

To all the wonderful people I've met and exchanged words with over the last 12 months - thank you. Writing can be an isolated gig, but being able to interact with others of the ilk is a nice thing.


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