Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Death by Puppy

Last night wasn't a good night. BJ had an upset tummy and was up for most of the night. I didn't get to sleep until nearly 1:45am and that only lasted for 10 minutes before I was up again. Stayed in the lounge with pup (after taking him out the back for ablutions) till close to 2:30 and then was up again at 3:00. Back into bed by 3:30 but woken again at 4:00. I woke the wife and asked her to take care of it this time.

She ended up sleeping with the dog in the lounge. Jodi's feeling a little guilty at the moment because she wanted the dog and I'm the one loosing all the sleep. Doesn't really matter - I'm the one on holidays so I can afford to drag my arse around for a few days. In the end I was extremely grateful for the rest. I was up again at 6:30 as Jodi goes to work then. I managed to snatch a little extra in the lounge after I'd fed BJ his breakfast. So last night I ended up with around three and a half hours of extremely broken sleep.

I'll try and have a nap after lunch today and get stuck into some writing tonight.

Yesterday, I managed to get both assignments read and have formulated a plan of attack. I also managed to get two critiques done for members of TPN. I should get both first drafts of the assignments done tonight. The review won't get done till tomorrow at the earliest. Revisions may have to wait another day on top of that - golf doesn't look like happening these holidays :(

Time to go check the pup.

I hope you're sleeping well and managing to get lots of writing done. Good luck with your submissions.


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