Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I hate painting - have I said that somewhere else on here???? :)

Last night I finished a rewrite of "Drinkers" so it's ready for a final look over by the crit group and then it's out to market.

Finished a rewrite of "ill wind" and have renamed it "Winged Shepherd of Innocence" - cool title I thought. This would have gone to TPN as well but I've run out of time. Working on the poem at the front of it now and then it's off to PARSEC.

Article for SA50s+ has gone in and has been accepted, now just waiting on the published issue to arrive.

I'm up-to-date on my crits but still haven't done the two reviews for HorrorScope - must get to that soon.

Have gone through the crits for "Too Late the Rain" - some interesting comments. Have taken out the thoughts that I think will improve the piece and ignored the rest. Once I've revised it, that too will go to TPN before submission.

I've changed the writers link on the right side of this page. It now has a partner and both go to pages maintained by Chuck McKenzie. Check out his site along with many other Australian writers. The second link is to Australian publishing houses - very cool resource. I'll also post both links on the web page.

Still painting the bedroom :(

I hope your writing is going well - keep those submissions going out the door.


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