Friday, April 11, 2008

New Review on HorrorScope

I've posted my latest review on HorrorScope today. It's for the May 2007 issue of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Out of the five stories on offer, I found two very good ones and two average offerings and one not so good one.

You can read it here.

Haven't done a great deal today. Finally finished painting - and then decided to chill for the rest of the day. I've read some of the crits for "The Shepherd of Innocence" which points to me needed to do a lot of work over the weekend. I'm waiting on one or two more comments before I sit down and rewrite it.

It will be very busy over the next seven days or so. I will have the final draft of four pieces ready for final viewing and then they will all go out the door. They will add to the solitary piece I currently have in the market. Reviewing, column work and school work have been keeping me side-tracked.

I've gone through some of my older work from last year. Some of the smaller competition pieces were very specifically written for the market they were submitted to. As they are no longer viable, I've decided to post them on my website as samples of my work.

I hope you enjoy them.

Good luck with your writing.


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