Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Winged Shepherd of Innocence

Well I've posted this piece to TPN tonight. I'm allowed to post one piece each week so it's gone up as this weeks offering. I mistakenly thought Grimoire was for last week and this week but the two parts of that were for last week and the week before that - confused - welcome to my world, come on in the waters fine. You must try the beef and the cabaret is performing till next Tuesday!

Crawls around on floor attempting to regather marbles.

I have just finished reviewing the first story (a novella no less) from the magazine I said I'd help a fellow HorrorScoper with. Nearly 20,000 words! Good story though with a nice hidden message played out through metaphors. You'll see what I mean when I finish reviewing the other four (hopefully shorter) stories in the issue.

Got the bedroom to the halfway point today before running out of steam and desire to continue painting. Only the relatively easy bits to do now - should be finished tomorrow.

Nothing else to report since posting earlier today - oh, one last thing. I'm helping AHWA out by gathering information on all writers festivals and conventions held within South Australia so if you have any information that may be of use, even if you think I'd already have it or the festival is too small to worry about, please leave me a comment on it anyway.



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