Saturday, April 5, 2008

Time Out

Have managed not to sit in front of the keyboard until 8:30PM. I spent the first part of the day pitching in at a working bee down at the cricket club.

I've spent most of the afternoon, vegetating on the couch watching football - Australian style football, not that American style where they wear copious amounts of padding to protect themselves and not that European style football where diving has become and art. Real Australian Rules Football where, despite the best efforts of the administration, spectators can still see a truly physical, man's game.

I then put a chair together for my mother and fetched decidedly average Chinese take-away for dinner.

Now - after I've finished blogging - I will settle into my comfortable chair and finish the second half of Harper Lee's "To Kill A Mockingbird". My son is in year 10 and has asked for help with his English essay. I have no intention of writing it for him but I can't provide prompts or suggestions on how to complete his assignment if I don't know the text. Besides, it's supposed to be one of those English Lit books, everyone should read. So far, it's a pretty good story and an eye opener on life in pre-World War II Alabama. I'll post a review on my review page.

Final drafts of my three dark shorts, will not be completed before the end of the week :( I have a bit of house reno to complete at the start of the week, so they won't be done until towards the end of next week. I also have my article for SA50s+ to finish Sunday night after the lad finishes his essay.

And I still have two reviews to do for HorrorScope.

Once that's all done, then I can start to look at the next assignments due for my diploma. Oh and I must make time to write a new dark fiction story for this month.

No wonder I needed three weeks holiday......

Good luck with your writing.


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