Thursday, April 17, 2008

Module 2 Still Has Credit Possibility

Just received my last assignment back. A straight out B! And a reminder that I'm a little behind on the schedule of work :(

Need to pick up the pace. Today I did a final check on assignment 3 for Module 1 - that will go out the door tomorrow. For the remainder of today and for tonight, I need to try and complete assignment 3 for module 2 and send them out together. That will make 4 assignments graded and 2 under assessment. By the end of next week, I need to send off another 2 assignments to bring my semester one submissions to 8 - the halfway mark.

Then I need to try and maintain it till the mid year break.

So for module one, I currently have the grades:- B-; C+
For module two, I currently have the grades:- B-; B

I need to maintain a B to gain a credit rating - distinctions are beyond me. As Mr Stone pointed out, "a pass is a pass", and that will be the minimum requirement, but a pass with an occasional credit along the way, would be nice.

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