Monday, April 14, 2008

End of my credit bid

It seems my lecturer and I will never see eye to eye. My last assignment was graded at a C+, which effectively ended my chances of gaining a credit for this semester. He did, however, give me a chance to readdress the short comings to improve my grade. So I resubmitted.

Apparently not well enough for an improved grade though. He commented that "the story was no worse than the original but definitely no better" - that's okay because he called the first effort "ingenious" - and he was happy with my effort at trying to find a viable market for the fictional piece - but in the end, still graded it at a C+! So I apparently improved some of the submission, without degrading other sections but didn't improve my grade - sounding the death knell of my being able to gain a credit rating for this module. Not happy.

Time to look into the next submission for his (now here I sit pondering what to write. Maybe he reads this blog and it therefore affects my possible grades, maybe not. Do I say that the next submission will be submitted for his butchering, his incompetent grasping of my concepts or do I step back and admit that we're currently not on the same wavelength and as he's the teacher, I need alter my way of doing things - conform to the grade-masters thought patterns to improve my chances.)

Over analysing - probably. I read once that a story will take as many words as it takes to convey the story in full. So that's what I do. I'll tell my story, in my voice, in the manner I believe tells it to the best of my current ability - while continuing to learn about doing it better.

So if indeed you do read this blog, Mr Stone - be assured that I don't agree with all your comments or the manner in which they are presented, but I do take them in and will continue to strive to meet the standards you require to give me better grades.


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