Thursday, April 24, 2008

Assignments Done

Assignments module 1 number 4, and module 2 number 4, have both been done and will go in the post Monday. Tomorrow is ANZAC day in Australia so it's a public holiday - no post offices open. Still they're done. ANZAC Day is also first issue release for SA50s+ - fingers crossed it -- and my column -- goes down well.

That should bring me up to date. I just need to do assignment module 1 number 5 this week and I should be back on track. I need to create a better calendar to keep track of what needs to be submitted by when. Great - there's another task on my to do list!

I've updated my current assignment and grade list which you can find here.

I have one crit to do on AbD and one review still to do for HorrorScope. Hopefully they'll be done tomorrow. I have a host of revisions to do on my current clutch of shorts before they go out the door. Getting closer to getting some reading done - yay!!!!

Puppy is starting to settle down. He carries on for about 10 minutes, every two hours through the night but at least my sleep is only broken for short periods of time now. Six or so hours a night is a lot better than 3.

Brought a new lawn mower today, so the lad and I halved the chore. I did the front, he did the back. Place looks much better now. Tomorrow I have a plant to repot and a dog house to design and start building.

Three more days and then it's back to work :( I can just imagine what's waiting for me there.

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